Saturday, January 6, 2007

Redone a notebook cover

I have this notebook and the cover is a bit dirty looking. So I thought I redo the cover by pasting over with a new marbled paper.

[before applying the marbled paper]

[before applying the marbled paper]

[viola, good as new]

[now to put it to use]

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Projects you can do with marbling

There must be uses for all these beautiful marbled papers, you may ask?
Well, you could cover your blank journal with the marbled paper.
[Book covered with marbled paper]

Or you could cover your stationeries with the marbled papers. Venetian and Florentine stationery shops carry loads of these items.


Samples of marbled paper

Some samples of my recent work.

[Stone pattern]

[Spanish wave pattern, yellow]

[Spanish wave pattern, red]

[Zebra pattern]

Marbling Session

I made some marbled papers together with my son on the last week of year 2006. My son enjoyed the session with me even though he made only a few sheets. I continued to make the rest until the colours ran out.

Then it was time to clean up, urgh, the unexciting necessity.

Will post some images soon.